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#1 12 years ago

I havent played Age games since AoE2. I am thinking about buying either AoM or AoE3, primarily to play online matches against other people. Which game has more people playing online at any given time, AoM or AoE3. I hear AoM is overall a better game, IGN gave it a 9.3, i tend to follow their reviews, so it is tempting to buy that as long as I will find people to play online with. Please let me know in your opinion which game is overall better and which game is better to play online. Thanks...


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#2 12 years ago

Well... both are good. Personally i'd go with AOM. For once because it wasn't as buggy as AoE3 in the 1.0 version, but also because i think theres more challenge to AoM because of the HUNDREDS of diffrent tactics you can use. Also i always found it kinda weard with the Export stuff from hometown thing in AoE3