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#1 10 years ago

Introduction :

Who are |19th| clan? Well we are experienced Armed Assault players dedicating time and effort into realistic coop missions within the clan and many community based matches such as our own mod (compiled of community made addons). |19th| players are good fun to be around, we are not overly serious and have a sense of humour and you’ll need one to! We are a semi-serious clan, what is meant by this is that we take our coop missions seriously and they are performed with preciseness and dedication, we have a few ex and current military players within our ranks to ensure a decent degree of realism is incorporated into our missions. The clan itself is separated into 3 main divisions A-coy B-coy and C-coy and they are overseen by the HQ Company, during coop missions these companies are separated into there respective channels and we have assigned radio men to keep contact with the other squads. The ‘Semi’ bit of the semi-serious comes in when we play on our Public server (of which we have two, Public and Mod which is used for our meet night on Wednesday) on our public server we tend to have more fun based games and all mixed in with a lot of banter so it is always enjoyable.

Requirements : TeamSpeak: this is fundamental to keep communications between clan members

Age: we start recruiting at 16+

Microphone: For TeamSpeak obviously!

Armed Assault and Queens Gambit

Speak English well: We accept players from all over the globe but we do expect to be able to understand them!

Structure : HQ, A, B and C Companies

Add-ons : we have our own add-on pack which is comprised of the very best community add-ons

What roles? : You can request any role you wish and you will be tested on our training map to see if you are to a respectable level of skill

Do I need to pay : You do not have to pay but donations are greatly appreciated for the upkeep of our dedicated server

Ranks : we have our own ground commander to the three squads; their also are roles specific to each squad

Exclusivities to |19th| : We have some things which do make us stand out

1.Ex and current members of the Armed Forces 2.Our own training map to get you up to standards 3.Some awesome Mission makers to create the most realistic and fun missions

Our site is located here >> http://www.19th-Division.co.uk If you wish to contact us by email or xfire do not hesitate

Jeza Recruitment Officer: Xfire: jeza123c Email: [EMAIL="19thdivision@googlemail.com"]19thdivision@googlemail.com

site_logo.gif [/EMAIL]


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#2 10 years ago

Hi guys & Gals :D

Just thought we'd let you know that we've recently upgraded our server specs to:-

Intel Q6600 2.4ghz Ram 2.0 gig (to be upgraded more) HDD 160GB Raid

Feed back from the public server is very good!

We are still on the look out for serious co-op ppl so give a look!




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#3 10 years ago

After the Great success we had with the Rifles clan we would like to let all clans that would be interested that we are now looking into Joint-Coop's and PVP and would be happy either to host or it to be hosted

Regards 19th