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#1 14 years ago


Role: The role of the Xtreme Defence Force is to operate as realistically as possible and to reflect the actual Australian Defence Force as closely as it allows in the Armed Assault gaming environment.

XDF Details:

ArmA servers coming soon!


Andrew Blacky Brooksy Cambo Casey Drak Drift EricJ Firestarter Flynnn Foxhound Ger Jago Mad Nightmare Oosh Rabbit Rocknife Sy Snuggles SoldierX Azza Stalin Toyotaman Trigger Wittmann Gator Zoli

How to obtain your XDF tags:

Firstly you must contact us and have a few non official missions with us on our public server so we can make sure you are the right type of person we want in the XDF.

If we are happy with the way you operate on the field and you can show you can contribute well, a current member can then invite you to join the XDF recruit section (XDF-R).

Any XDF member can give a player an invitation to join the XDF-R section. It is the players responsibility on how they obtain the invitation.

Players will be given 1 month invitations into the XDF-R section. From there the player will operate within an XDF section on the field.

Once expired the invitaion will either be extended or declined or the player will be invited to attempt the XDF basic infantry training course and obtain their XDF tags.

On successful completion of the basic infantry training course you will be awarded your official XDF tags.

You will then be eligable to apply for reconnaissance, support, signals and artilley training within XDF.

The XDF basic infantry course includes:

Navigation Individual Patrolling Individual Fire and Movement Battle Pair Fire and Movement Patrol Formations Target Indications Contact Drills Break Contact Drills Basic Section Attack Obstacle Crossings Ambush

If you are interested in joining XDF or simply just want to jump on and have a game with us (other clans are more than welcome for joint operations) you can contact us via the following:

Public Forum link: http://www.xtremegamingnetwork.com.au/Forums/forumdisplay.php?f=84

Email and/or MSN Messenger: [EMAIL="avr48u@hotmail.com"]avr48u@hotmail.com[/EMAIL]

Public Server IP: TBA

Private Server IP: TBA

Teamspeak IP: mercury.gamingsa.com:8778

XDF Website: http://www.xtremegamingnetwork.com.au/xdf/


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#2 14 years ago

XGN and XDF are proud to announce the very first Australian dedicated Armed Assault server!

Server name: GSA-XGN XDF

Server IP:

Server Port: 2302

The server is available to the public so load up your ArmA and jump on for a game :)


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#3 14 years ago

Three more XGN ArmA servers have been raised:

Name: #1 GSA-XGN Open Public


Port: 2302

Deatails: Contains all styles of gameplay and is open to the public.

Name: #2 GSA-XGN ArmA Coop


Port: 2302

Details: Dedicated to "Coop" style ArmA missions and is open to the public.

Name: #3 GSA-XGN Private Mission Testing


Port: N/A

Details: Used by XGN members to test missions.

More servers on the way!