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We are a group of friends all over the world with the idea of creating an tactical realism unit for ArmA 2, we use ACE mod and also ACRE. We have our own skin mods, weapon mods and costum missions and trainning base.

We offer a ranking and organization structure that mirrors the United States Army. A professional and easy to use website. Personnel files with awards, medals, badges, and promotions. An environment conducive to teamwork and cooperation. A Command Staff that recognizes that they are here to serve you. It is not the other way around. The sacrosanct bond of Brotherhood and Friendship. Our requirements are be of 15 years of age or older, and posses a mature disposition.

Have a working microphone. Attend to atleast 1 trainning per week and the operations every saturday ┬┤┬┤Operations on saturdays are always at the same time and day 5pm Western time/Every saturday. Speak/Write/Read English to a manageable level. Download necessary programs such as Teamspeak 3, Xfire and steam if possible. Take and follow orders from the Chain of Command.

Contact a recruiter via Xfire or Steam, and make ann application on our website just click on the tab recruitment and fill up the application format.

Website link: Home - 75th Ranger Regiment - Clan site

Platoon Commander - Xfire: assasin777 Steam: tanaka272

S-9 Recruiting - xfire: xxjarheadxx