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About the 2nd Battalion 2nd Marines:

We are a Tactical Realism Unit (TRU), Together we are a Brotherhood , we look out for each other for anything and everything. We were established in 2011 and growing everyday. We use tactic and realism when it comes to gaming, we bring the real life aspect into gaming. The =2/2= uses the Marine rank structure and the Chain Of Command to keep things in order. We have an Award system to award members for their dedication and realism gaming knowledge. Within the Unit we do have Past, Present and Future Soldiers of The US Armed Forces. We recognize their service and dedication through promotion to their current rank in the service (if the position and rank is available) and/or Awards they currently hold.

Games We Currently Support: (If you can Bring Recruits we will consider to Support the game):

  • Battlefield: 3
  • Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead
  • Call of Duty: 4
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Coming Soon to 2/2)
  • ArmA 3 (Coming Soon to 2/2)


  • TeamSpeak 3 Installed
  • Xfire Installed
  • Working Microphone
  • Great Attitude

What the 2nd Battalion 2nd Marines has to offer:

  • Real Military Structure
  • Teamspeak Server
  • Arma2 Server
  • COD4 Server
  • CoD BlackOps Server
  • BF3 Servers
  • A Great Website, With up to date Forums.
  • No Drama
  • And so much more....

Please add the following Members to xfire:

Battalion Command Staff Contact List:

LtCol. Miller Xfire: socamd2k Email: [email][/email]

Maj. Hazel Xfire: lilkillz123 Email: [email][/email]

SgtMaj. Walker Xfire: vevok

Company Unit Advisory Command List:

CWO5. Overton Xfire: 2b2moverton Email: [email][/email]

Easy Company Command Staff Contact List:

Capt. Bascunan Xfire:xxjarheadxx

1stLt. Gerrard Xfire: fuakfear

1stSgt. Schmidt Xfire: d4rkd3cepti0n

1st Platoon Command Staff Contact List: (BF3)

2ndLt. Rotar Xfire: interakt

GySgt. Greely Xfire: bailoutgreely

Fox Company Command Staff Contact List:

Capt. Landry Xfire: bradleyscout

1stLt. Rambonga Xfire: mrambo71

1stSgt. Hound Xfire: teufelhound

1st Platoon Command Staff Contact List: Arma/Arma 2

2ndLt. Shim Xfire: shim13

2nd Platoon Command Staff Contact List:

2ndLt. TBA Xfire: N/A

SSgt. Smith Xfire: freecats

RRO Staff Contact List:

Capt. Bascunan Xfire: xxjarheadxx

Capt. Freeman Xfire: acfreeman