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#1 9 years ago

Hello there i am M. Woods, a member of the 42nd air assault regiment. We are currently looking for members for all MOS. We are a semi realism unit that is to say you do not need to call attention and the Teamspeak atmosphere is relaxed and fun. The realism side comes into play when we play, we are very tactical and work very well together. We have an open door so anyone 18+ can apply. We are also looking for friendly tactical squads to play our dynamic campaign with. We are currently starting a new campaign and we are having a great time.

Things we offer: Realism Game play, Ranging from city patrols to full scale battles. Military Ranking system Multi-Gaming Community/MW/BF3/ARMA2 & soon ARMA 3/Minecraft Website is listed below Teamspeak is Listed below Medals awards Mission Builders Modders Map Makers Unit Makers LOTS LOTS more

Info: IP: Port=9153 Website: 42nd Air Assault Regiment | Adapt and Overcome

Join Today and tell them M. Woods sent you, or jump in teamspeak and ask for SPC M. Woods. If im not there ask for someone to talk to about joining 103rd FPS Company(Shadow)|1st Platoon (Hammer)