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#1 11 years ago

A number of years ago I came up with an idea I mentioned to Joel. Namely, I noticed that we get ~400 downloads of the 1.1 patch each week because if you Google for it we're in the top slot.

Now, my suggestion was that we edit the review text to include some information about modding to see if we could get a few percent of the visitors to download some mods or get involved. Anyway, Joel liked the idea, so we quietly went ahead and did it as one of the innumerable little things we did in the background that probably manage to go almost completely unnoticed. =p

Now, the reason I bring up this little bit of ancient history is that we always meant to come back and update the text if it worked to any reasonable degree. However, to be honest we forgot.

I've remembered it a couple of times over the years, but i've then promptly forgot to do anything with it. Oops.

However, today i've remembered it and actually remembered that the text needs updating. Now, i'd update it myself except i'd like to make specific recommendations of files they are likely to find interesting. Personally, I think that one of my own bits of work (namely the Upgrade Project) would be of interest to most people.

However, I'm concious that there is a possibility that i'm a little biased there because it's my own mod. It doesn't seem fair for me to go and write something containing an advert recommending my own work on the most downloaded file on A2files, especially if nobody else gets any input to it. (and probably wouldn't notice it being posted without it being pointed out...)

Therefore, i'd like you to have a go at writing some new copy for the file review.

This is the current text:-

Hi, you have reached Armada2files.com one of the biggest armada2 fan sites.

You may not be aware, but you can add exciting new things like the Prometheus class starship, devestating weapons like the deflector pulse and even total conversions that change all aspects of the game to make it even better!

For new ships, stations, weapon effects and more click HERE

For our forums, where you can meet other fans and the people that made these mods click HERE.

To download the Armada II 1.1 patch please scroll down and select a download mirror. For more details on what is changed, please read below.

Now, would anybody like to make any suggestions as to what to change it to?

If not then I guess i'll just have to write something myself again.


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14th January 2008

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#2 11 years ago

it sounds like a good idea. you could mention fares project blue and his other mods, your mods, the dominion ultimate mod, the fed compilation mod by starbase 34 just to name a few.


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18th October 2008

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#3 11 years ago

start with a way to improve it visually MU and any of the earlier packs for those whose comps cant run 2.0 (seeing as i think STOCK A2 was handed a thorough a** kicking by STOCK A1 in the visuals....might just be me) then Project Blue...see that was said but its always good to restate :D As well as Dan's cardies. Hopefully somin comes out that covers all 6 races....*cough* but till then i think these are good starters, gives kinda a more modern feel to A2 without revamping the engine, like FO does.