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#1 11 years ago

IKS, I've sent a nice polite message at the Contact Us Section of MSFC and I got NO REPLY. Nothing, I was very polite and everything, I asked for permission to register and I got nothing. I sent a polite message two weeks in a row, once before my two week ban here, and one during, no reply both times. And both times I still couldn't register or download files. I asked nicely and nothing came out of it. I took up the issue there first but nothing, so I put my issue here, and not one nice reply about it. All I'm getting is rudeness for just wanting to be able to check out some files. Majest himself suggested before my ban to check there for the Vulcan ships that I was looking for that, he posted some there, he didn't even reply when I said I couldn't register, get to the files or anything. Its like he doesn't care then he specially gets DinosaurJR membership there, and a few others were able to register beside that person and I still can't. I've tried daily what their doing at that sight is wrong and its even way more wrong and rude to tell people here to go to that site when they can't get to what their looking for. I've tried taking up this issue there, I contacted them under site errors and registration errors. Twice in the two weeks I mnetioned, one message, the same message to each option, NO REPLY ever is what I got. Don't you know how that makes anyone feel when they asked politely to be able to register?


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#2 11 years ago

Not to get involved but I hate when a site gets turned into this.

I'm sorry to say but most of the time the owner of a website can refuse someone to sign up. Maybe he did you wrong but get over it and move on

Do remember no one has a right to demand these ships/mods from the creators.

I can only ask that you don't dirty up this forum for the rest of us


I didn't make it!

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#3 11 years ago

Its not fair that they release them where others can get them. sadly.

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#4 11 years ago

Jetnova16, if a moderator closes your thread, please do not circumvent that by making another thread. If you wish to take something up with that moderator, please do so via the private message system. Consider this a warning.