Armada 2 In Game Cheats In On Line Game Play -1 reply

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#11 15 years ago

Exactly :P

The Federation can use its shield dampner to disable the shields Klingons can keep shooting polaron torpodoes until something critical dies Cards can use their shield dampner Roms can use the psyonic beams Borg can use auto assims and assim all the crew off and Species are stuffed.


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#12 15 years ago

I first noticed and posted one of these code cheats a few days ago,I now regret doing that and will post no more of them. there is no way of detecting the cheat in use that i know of. masters of orion 2 does let the other players know and at the end of the game should he/she win there win is cancelled not quite sure how to even start because this kind of cheat is not detectable by the other player and is not typed in during play NO one should be using them for online play its just not fair or right- Anyone using it for play should walk the plank out the airlock door. I only use this kind of cheat to test other game elements thats it,whats the point.

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