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#1 13 years ago

How can I oreder my fleet to attack a ship till its shields are down and then teleporting onboard??

On the manual, there's written "shift T", but when I press that nothing happens...

How can I do?? (my dream is to capture a tactical fusion cube:naughty:)


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4th September 2005

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#2 13 years ago

Shift T is for the Assulat Ships. Iwo Jima, Kestral, and the like, you could edit the 2 race battleships (fed-soverigen and galaxy) to have the Assult transport attack. i'll try it when i get home from work.

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#3 13 years ago

I tend to select all my ships that I want to attack and use the [A] key and select the target. I then keep the cursor over the enemy vessel and when its sheilds are down I press the [T] key and reselect the target straight away. Every ship then teleports crew over.


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16th May 2005

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#4 13 years ago

I find it is best to have a couple of assult ships on High Special weapon autonamy so they automatically beam aboad ships that loose there sheilds.

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#5 13 years ago

Best tactic is a sensor array armed with a pair of assault ships...with a taachyon detection grid. By the time the enemy know what's happened, you should've captured a few cloakable ships, which can be handy if you're the Feds!


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4th December 2003

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#6 13 years ago

Personally I found the assault crew originaly too few in number and increased them also. That way your assault ships aren't nearly always in need of docking for cmore guys.