I Deserve More Respect, At Least I Beat Vanillia Ultimate At Merciless Difficulty In One Try -1 reply

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[COLOR=black]:bows:I think you should all be showing me some respect for my Mod is going be so much devastating than Vanilla Ultimate which I've already easily beaten at the Merciless Difficulty Setting. My Mod because of many of the ships and stations that I've added are going to do things that make that whole MOD look like Childs play and weak. Star Trek Armada II - The Ultimate All Races MOD is going to be so perfect that I've already got IT techs helping with some of it and also a way to actually edit the AI to play everything and I mean everything no matter how small or insignificant it might seem. All I have to do is figure out how to get the AI set to a Merciless Difficulty Level. [/COLOR] Well I bet everyone would want to know my secret on how I won at Vanilla Ultimate at A Merciless setting when it was the first time playing it, the answer is easy, it’s the same strategy I use all the time. It has to with starting out by using the ships that cloak, I have them scout ahead well cloaked to find more planets and dilithium moons. When I find the closest ones away from my starting location, I have the cloaked ship stay at that location well I start quickly building up my main base. With a base complete, I build escort ships, a fleet of them each (Defiant-class ships since their certified as escorts) and have them guard two construction ships on their way to the area with the cloaked ship. Once the ships arrive, the construction ships build the essentials, mining stations and Orbital Processing Facilities. Well this is going on the escorts protect the construction ships. Once enough metal and dilithium has been gathered, a new starbase gets built, shipyards and defenses. The Construction ships get sent back to the Main Base where all research stations get built and all. New fleets and ships get built at the outlying bases to engage enemy strong holds, normal I have all fleets engage the starbase (or Nexus, for the Borg) first, that way the strongest stations is gone leaving the others to be picked off by the surviving ships, the best bet is to quickly destroy the enemies construction ships before they can build a new starbase. The easy part is last; hunt down and destroy remaining enemy ships and stations after the rest of their main base is gone. This worked for me during the whole game and it was fun. :bows: Eventually I’m going to see if my mod can work with Vanilla Ultimate, if it can the carnage will be magnificent. Even I might not be able to use this strategy anymore. For this reason I want to see the ships on MSFC, that’s why I won’t let that go that I can’t register there or get the files I’m looking for. I have a feeling that many of them are there and there’s the missing super ships (Like the Borg’s Collective Cube from Here, along with their Command Cube & the Omega-class for the Federation) the other sides need something to defend against these, massive war machines if they’re ever going to have a chance. What I’ve done is truly making Resistance Futile if not hopeless. :bows:


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If you have an issue with MSFC then you should contact the admin there