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14th March 2006

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#1 12 years ago

Hello this is my first thread and mod i wish to give credit to the makers of a really great game , and to all who have made mods to enhance the pleasure of the game i have to admit that my game was on the shelf for over a year because i was fed-up with playing really the same game, but the mods have breathed new life into a game that almost found the bin. i also want to give credit to those modders in the scene who have inspired me to mod.

my first mod

"Federation Cloaked orbital Processor-w/Enhanced cloak" very nice

"Federation Cloaked Sensor Array-w/Enhanced Cloak" this one is very good for spying on your enemy

"Federation Cloaked Venture Class Scout ship w/Enhanced cloak and packed full countermeasures like detect cloak and cloak 3, mine detection, sensor jammer, and self destruct. weapons have been removed and the ship told not to attack just scout which is what it should be doing. also there is a charge for all this in Latinum to buy the equipment on the black market Adm. Pressman aka capt. of the pegasus the only cloaked federation "war" ship all top secret bla bla bla from starfleet-TNG, so thats my reason and logical excuse for using a cloak on a federation ship .

so next was a cloaked defiant why not if you thought it was a tough little ship "quote from riker to worlf at the battle of wolf359 against the borg. well its tough now with quantum torpedos added.

anyway i have more ideas coming to all the time just want some feed back from the community ??? any mods i post anyone wishing to update or give a better idea please feel free to change modify any file i post thanks. engage!