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4th February 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Did someone say more Romulans for Armada? Romulan Command Center The Romulan Command Center serves as the central command and control node for the Romulan fleet. Armed with disruptor cannons, multiple targeting phasers, photon torpedoes, and shield neutralizing torpedoes, the Romulan Command Center is quite capable of defending itself from the enemies of the Star Empire. Romulan_Command_Center.jpg Download at AFC or STGD. Advanced Romulan Construction Ship The advanced Romulan construction ship has been designed to build all of the Star Empire's most advanced facilities. Equipped with the standard Romulan cloaking device, the advanced construction ship can travel to nearby quadrants undetected and establish a Romulan foothold within that sector. Unlike the standard construction vessel, the advanced model comes armed with disruptor cannons, and multiple targeting myotron inhibitor torpedoes in order to defend itself during its highly sensitive missions. One of the advanced facilities that can be constructed is the Tal Shiar advanced shipyard. The Tal Shiar advanced shipyard serves as a focal point for the Tal Shiar's shipbuilding endeavors. The advanced shipyard can build the Shadow, D'deridex, and the Scimitar class vessels (assuming that you have downloaded my Scimitar mod). Because of the clandestine methods used to acquire the shipyard's blueprints from the Dominion, the Tal Shiar have classified its very existence as TOP SECRET. Romulan_Construction_Ship.jpg Download at AFC or STGD. Romualn Thandor Class Fast Attack Cruiser The Romulan Thandor class fast attack cruiser is one of the newest ship designs to come from the ship design yards at Romulus. Configured with the latest Romulan disruptor cannons and photon torpedo launches, it is a formidable opponent in combat. It can also be outfitted with a sensor jammer and myotronic inhibitor torpedoes. Thandor%20Class%20Cruiser.jpg Download at AFC or STGD! Romulan Venator Class Warbird The Venator is one of the newest ship designs to come from the ship design yards at Romulus. A battleship intended to compliment the mighty Romulan Warbird, the Venator is slightly smaller, yet is equipped with longer-range disruptors. Venator%20Class%20Warbird.jpg Download at AFC or STGD! Romualn Letan Class Minelayer The Letan class minelayer is one of the newest ship designs to come from the ship design yards at Romulus. It is configured with long-range sensors, disruptor cannons and photon torpedoes, plus the Letan can drop, while cloaked, explosive proximity mines that can remain dormant until an enemy ship comes into its proximity. The mine then locks onto, tracks and explodes on impact with the enemy ship. Romulan%20Letan%20Minelayer2.jpg Download at AFC or STGD!

Romulan Draconarius Class One of the latest additions to the Romulan fleet, the Draconarius-class is a sleek and deadly attack cruiser, capable of inflicting punishing damage through its banks of disruptors and photon torpedoes. The Draconarius-class can also be outfitted with an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon. The EMP is in effect an electromagnetic shockwave. This pulse of energy produces a powerful electromagnetic field, particularly within the vicinity of the weapon burst, which can generate short-lived transient voltages (thousands of volts) thereby causing damage to a ship or stations electrical and electro-mechanical equipment. Romulan%20Draconarius%20Class3.jpg Download at AFC or STGD. Romulan Norexan Class After the end of the Dominion War, it was noted the D'Deridex Class did not fare especially well despite its great size, and many predicted that the Romulans would move toward smaller, more sophisticated vessels in the future. The result was the Norexan Class warbird that was launched in 2378. She is equipped with a quantum singularity as a power source and an upgraded cloaking device. The Norexan Class is highly maneuverable and for defense she is equipped with several banks of disruptors, plasma torpedo launchers, and strong shields. Only a few Norexan Class warbirds have been constructed. As a result they are assigned to high ranking military officers or those in favor with the Romulan high command. Romulan_Norexan_Class.jpg [color=black]Download at AFC.[/color]

Tal Shiar Warbird: N'Neikha Class The N'Neikha Class is a Tal Shiar Warbird designed for combat operations. It is equipped with Shield Inversion beam, phasers, disruptors and photon torpedoes. It, like all other ships in the Romulan fleet, has the standard cloaking device. Tal%20Shiar%20Warbird.jpg [color=black]Download at AFC or STGD[/color] Tal Shiar Operations and Intelligence Center The Tal Shiar Operations and Intelligence Center serves as a focal point for the Romulan fleet in a sector. The Center is armed with an array of disruptor cannons and photon torpedo launchers for defense. It is also equipped with a modified sensor array which allows them to use a Tachyon Detection Grid to detect cloaked ships within their sensor range. The Center can build construction, Shrike and repair ships, as well as dilithium freighters. Tal_Shiar_Starbase.jpg [color=black]Download at AFC or STGD.

Reman Warbird Scimitar v1.3 The Reman Warbird is an armed and dangerous predator. The ship is equipped with a large number of disruptor cannons, photon torpedo launchers, and both primary and secondary shielding systems. All this is in addition to the Scimitar's special weapons--thalaron-based weapons--that can destroy every living thing on a starship or starbase in a matter of seconds. Reman_Warbird_Scimitar.jpg Download at STGD [/color]


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You know, I read somewhere that the klingon bird of prey was origonally supposed to be a romulan ship. Some of these designs seem to reflect that. Now, if someone were to make these, wouldn't credit still have to be given for the design, even though the sod and texture would have to be made from scratch?