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14th June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

who wrote armadas original odf files anyway?:confused: how could he made sovy so weak, when it is supposed to be most powerful ship in tha alphy Q. it even says in its description, that is it the most powerfull federation ship and afcourse costs more then any other. i couldnt belive that sovy has only 650 'health' - less then any other ship of the same class... just for fun i send galaxy vs. sovy and galaxy won while still having shields. :uhm: what is the point in building sovies anyway...? apparently main programmer knew jack about star trek... i've set sovys health to 1300, neghvar to 1100, warbird 1000... but that still doesnt seem right, becouse neghvar should have stronger hull, but still be inferior to sovy, becouse of his shields... anyway, i didnt have time to play A2 before, but i am really dissapointed - A1 had muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better balance... soo, what are the values for balanced and realistic game - i mean hull, shield (where do i set shield strenght?)...?:deal: Is there any patch, that fixes that original glimp and i dont mean mods.:nodding: TNX

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7th August 2002

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#2 16 years ago

KrEn. The programmer did this in the likely event to provide balance in the stock game. If the game had been made as canon (i.e, as seen in the films and tv series), then a single borg cube would be enough for a borg player to win the game, and the single player game would have been a complete waste of time. How would you know that the ODF programmer wasn't an avid trek fan?? Remember that the dev team are bound by what the parent company states is to be done. Look how poor the textures from the stock game look. What of all those fan based suggestions that were made but not implemented, or even enabled for modders to apply their knowledge to??

Its a shame that Mad Doc weren't given the flexibility that they should have had. I think it would be useful that instead of releasing the source code (which would require people to have a good programming knowledge), or making a third game (which would cost money to purchase anyway), why not release a new, and final patch which has everything de-hardcoded from it.

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17th June 2002

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#3 16 years ago

I hate to plug my own things, especially given their previous quality, but you may be interested to know, Kren, that I'm currently making a small .odf mod specifically to address that problem. Unlike the previous mods I've made, though, I consider this one to be on the verge of being good, though I'm a little biased :D. No new ship models or textures, just canon-ised ships. Also, unlike the previous mods, I've put even less emphasis on balance (apparently some people used previous ones for RPGing amongst friends, go figure). A Borg cube CAN take on small fleets, and an 8472 battleship CAN destroy a Bog cube. And the Sovereign-class CAN take on pretty much anything bar Borg and 8472 ships one-on-one. I did some short tests using the CTRL+A function in a custom map. Each battleship and a few important smaller ships were pitted against every enemy equivilent. One-on-one and three-v-one. If I recall, the Sovereign was only destroyed in 3-v-1 matches, and even then it usually managed to take out one or two enemies. The only exceptions are the Borg and 8472. It took seven Sovereigns to destroy a single Cube, and even then, only one Sovereign survived, with substancial damage. And the matches seem to last a bit longer than they do in the unmodded game. And no, this time I haven't bothered with canon numbers of weapons, just power, so it doesn't look completely stupid :p. Serious gamers won't be interested, it's not too well balanced if you bring the Borg or 8472 into it. And if those who've played previous ones are worried, don't worry, I won't bother with another after this :p. If you're wondering, I've used DITL 'strength indices' to do so. I'll shut up now...