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#91 11 years ago

Wrong post Freyr. In that post he was well behaved, but soon after he tried to imply that the incident at christmas was just a publicity stunt, and berated me for my usage of certain archaic terms (sorry if that somehow offends people but, I'm old fashioned, sue me). Incase people are not aware, I am not getting too much sleep these days due to my new Son, I am on a job search to try and find a source of income before our funds dry up, and the last thing I need or deserve is someone deciding that I have nothing else in my life to worry about other than KA2 and that my decision is somehow heinously wrong and proceding to make personal insults and degrading my character as a result.

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This post?

I cannot help but think of all the "oh no! what is wrong? what can we do to help bring it back?" things I read after you threw a hissy fit, James, and pulled KA2 the first time. Nice publicity stunt. Gotta remember to use it whenever my next mod gets finished. IKS covered it nicely. I feel used and poorly used at that. A pretty sorry thing to do to a bunch of people who never wanted anything but the best for you. As to who *****ed in my Cheerio's, why, that would be you, James. Yes I am angry about your shabby treatment of the fine people here at A2 Files. I'll not be quiet about it either. I had my say and now I am done with KA2 and you.

Again, point out what you think breaks the rules. The same points apply from my previous post. Just because you don't like what somebody else says doesn't mean they can't say it.

You can clearly see that I don't apply that principle unevenly. I was the only member of the A2files staff to reply on that topic so its fairly clear who you were referring to when you talk about reconsidering your plans, or when you say about "if this garbage continues, from staffers and pubbers alike." Likewise when you speak about people barfing up "another fresh vomit load of A2files propaganda." or "However, should these unwarranted attacks continue, especially from current and former staffers, I may be forced to reconsider my release policy all together"

I deeply resent that, and I don't use the word lightly. As you know dammed well that the only things I am not mentioning are things that would otherwise harm your reputation if I did choose to pubish them publicly.

However, should these unwarranted attacks continue, especially from current and former staffers, I may be forced to reconsider my release policy all together. If the people of A2files want to throw a fit and refuse to support KA2 any further, then maybe it should be a MFSC only deal.

It appears to me that your threatening that if we don't engage in censorship at your command then your going to do... what?

There is a word for that James, its called blackmail. I do hope that you just picked your words poorly and didn't mean to to attempt to force me, or any other member of the staff into doing your bidding, because as I stated above:-

It can be taken as engraved in stone to stand for all time that I am not and will never be willing to use the administrative abilities that I have been given to ensure the continued operation of this site for what I consider to be censorship.

You recently said words are cheap. Those words are not cheap idle chatter, they are my promise to everybody.

Quite liteially the only thing we haven't done here that you have wanted us to do in censor people and that is what I take it to mean when you say "A2Files has NOT supported me fully."