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#51 12 years ago

Thats a mod, not a patch. :) If its just fixing all the problems, then its a patch, but when you add another race then its a mod.

Besides, fixing all the problems is actually the easy bit (and yeah, its a lot of work). The hard bit is persuading everybody that they should use the fixed version. Especially when some people like the ability to cheat.

I have stated before that if enough people in the gaming community want a patch and are willing to to both use it themselves and attempt to persuade other people to use it then I am willing to do the work. Which means its never going to get done of course, but hey.

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13th November 2004

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#52 12 years ago

I think patches can add new content as well as fixing. Dawn of War gets added maps, as well as Command and Conquer, so it's not unheard of for developers to be nice every so often (heck, Unreal Tournament 2004 had a mahusive map pack added to it, plus some vehicles and stuffs. Some developers do just know how to treat their customers).


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2nd October 2005

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#53 12 years ago

umm this may not be the proper channel, but I have had a question posted in the permissions thread for a whole week and nobody has seemed to answer it. Please I shouldn't have to beg, help me.