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16th June 2004

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#51 13 years ago

F-Bobby;3317253i just looked at the preview and i looked over the site, and its a lot more like dominion wars then like armada. but it probably will take the place of a new armada.[/quote]

Meh, I couldn't stand Dominion Waras...:uhm:

[quote=Freyr;3317773]If you take a little imagination when you look at this please...

Spoiler: Show


Freyr, what game is that?!:confused:


So, I was just reading reviews on Legacy and it seems pretty crappy, sadly :(

I could run a studio SOOO much better than these people...

Why does it seem that companies are being consistently crappy these days?

I haven't experienced it a whole lote myself but from what I'm reading they care more about rushing it out than making a good game!!!:mad:

If I owned a company making a good game would be my first priority, the heck with the holiday rush.

A good game will sell itself.


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9th November 2006

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#52 13 years ago

i dont know what that screen is freyr but it resembles an rpg of some sort..very nice.

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6th February 2005

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#53 13 years ago

Laughing Cheese;3494907 Freyr, what game is that?!:confused: [/quote]

[quote=Curtis_R;3495440]i dont know what that screen is freyr but it resembles an rpg of some sort..very nice.

Its an open source RTS.

I was looking into the possibility of getting the features we need implemented into another engine, and then migrating the community across to it.

I decided it wouldn't really be possible, after all we are the Armada II community, and once we move to a different engine we wouldn't be even that. A2 does have quite a lot of quite unique features, like planets that would need to be coded in along with all the special weapons etc. Basicially we would spend years just getting to where we are at the moment. Its possible, but impractical.

What is possible is modding the demo. After quite a bit of checking I discovered that the demo seems to be missing any license agreement. (save a note in the readme forbidding public performances, which is ok. When did you play A2 on TV last?) The only thing that prevents a modder releasing a mod for the demo is the map editors license which states that all new game materials shall be designed exclusively for the full version.

This can be circumvented by creating a mod normally with only two races. As there is no difference between the files the demo uses and the retail version it would be possible to use mods for the full version on the demo. (apart from ships have to go in the stations folder for the demo)

Unfortunately the author would not be able to release it as a standalone product because of the license agreement, however you are able to get someone that hasen't got A2 to copy the contents of the ships folder into stations and slap it into a installer. And instantly thats a game that can be distrubuted!

Legally speaking you would not have broken the license agreement.*

* To the best of my understanding. (I have been working in IT at a Solicitors firm for the past five years. Whilst I am not legally qualified in any way, after that amount of time around Solicitors I do understand how the law works quite well)


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23rd November 2002

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#54 13 years ago

A2 won't die until there is a true A3, and then it will just add to the community, not damage it.

Still several high quality mods active, which is fabulous to see, gives A2 truly infinite replayability in my opinion.

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18th April 2006

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#55 13 years ago

Well, i have noticed that since the release of Legacy, the Armada 1+2 community has not been affected in any way.


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17th December 2006

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#56 13 years ago

I think Gav is right, if anything we seem to have more people in A2 of late. I went into A1 last week for the first time in a long long time. I was surprised to see how many was online playing.


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25th December 2006

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#57 13 years ago

Well the thing is do A1 and A2 work with Vista. And especially do they work with the 64 bit versions (thus the emulator)?

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1st August 2006

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#58 13 years ago

A1 and A2 will run on Vista (I know becuse I got vista 3 day before its uk realase yes its a genuine copy it it works fine) and I will still mod A2 I will mod Legacy as well but not at the moment but I do have it and I think its more like a moderble domionon war then A2


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10th January 2007

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#59 13 years ago

I don't think A2 will die for a long time esspecially with new ambiution TCs coming out like the Stargate Project and Battlestar Armada. Since these mods are the only real thing close to a game set in their respective universe chances are A2 will live on. I showed this guy from another forum A2 and its Stargate mods he was fascinated, now if only 100000 people would express that attitude to Activision, heck if they did re-release it, A1 and A2 could become like the Half-Life of Space-Based-RTSes with people buying it just for use with the mods.