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12th August 2007

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#1 7 years ago

Hey gents... :cya: It's been about a year since i've had TIME to get on here thanks to a full time job... I see a LOT of stuff gone and the only thing I see any threads on is how break media sucks. That aside, what's been going on in the community?? what new mods have come out, if any? News on a new game? what got finished in the way of total mods? there were probably 5 huge mods coming out to compete with "Flops" (as I've read MaP lovingly refer to it as)... whos got the best stuff these days?? winter's coming and i'm lookin' to an old friend (armada II) to keep me occupied while the wifes away... :naughty:


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2nd October 2010

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#2 7 years ago

Hi there :) Armada2files for practical purposes isn't a real hub of AII activity for some time now - MSFC and FleetOps are the major players in terms of websites.

Of large mods, there are a few that are planned to be released to my knowledge: Clash of Empires, The Coalition War, Wastelands, Art of War, Halo Fleet Command. The BSG Half Race Mod was recently released and Zero Hour was cancelled. There are of course a number of small ship mods too that come out every so often :)

Many modders have decided to move their efforts to the Fleet Ops engine to take advantage of the mod manager and the hundreds of new commands etc.

Fleet Ops has a large online gaming community and is of course releasing regular patches.