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6th January 2006

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#11 13 years ago

If it was me, I'd make the model, but then, I love Starfleet.

Even if you did, though, Achilles, there's at least seven major issues I can think of with his "credit me for this ship" talk.

1) He provides no idea what he wants. So you can't read his mind. 2) He provides little idea besides a cloaking device and a Federation registry as to what he wants it to do or be. 3) Uber-dreadnoughts are so very overrated. If you can play A2 with only one ship or type of ship, you should really turn the game off. This applies to the old Sovereign-spammer types of players, too. 4) Even if you tried, with limited intel, to put together a ship that suited this guy's idea, you'd be the one doing all the work and putting in all the concept ideas you can think of. 5) There's nothing stopping this guy Jeff from coming back and saying, "no, that is not what I wanted at all" and telling you (in probably as copious quantities of detail as previous) exactly what he hates about it. 6) The time you take to suit him may result in putting out models the rest of us like a whole lot, but which you, in chasing this guy's idea of a god-ship for a good time, will neither particularly enjoy nor be especially appreciated for doing. 7) Worst of all, the community continually badgers you with requests for "info" about AoW3, and so on.... not to mention equally inane requests that will still be coming in during the interim, with the phrase, "if you did that guy's uber-dreadnought of doom, here's my idea" somewhere in there.

So let's review. Not only could you be doing better things with your time, to the satisfaction of the whole community, you have no way of knowing whether your efforts, applied to a single person's request, would be ever appreciated.

Not to mention that this guy hasn't paid attention to the fact that most, if not all, of your single-ship releases have been adversary races to the Federation, and few, if any, have been Starfleet designs.

Nor to even get into the whole "give a man a starship / teach him to design a starship" thing.

Bottom line, if you want a thing done in this mod community, do it yourself. Then release it for all to enjoy.

(and SquireJames, that is quite possibly THE most screwed up thing I've read happen to anyone in a mod community on the Internet. Not on the Internet in general, mind you. It's a big Internet. ;) )



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13th January 2003

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#12 13 years ago

nice post Squire James, some funny ass stuff. yeah the whole email miffed me a bit, I got several federation starship requests before I read this one, much more than normal and I was tired. I do respond to all emails and I responded politely as always, I also include a link to new modders to these forums so he may just see all this. My irritation was not about his lack of modding ability or his intention but his presumption. "You can make my very simple idea but remember it's mine"... "I screwed around with your mod and it's broken, what did you do"...

Like I said I was tired... thanks for the validation though.


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#13 13 years ago

Achilles, the A2 Files Strike Team is at Ready Five and standing by to assist, whatever you decide. ;) Not to influence you in either direction, but, we just got a shipment of brand new beam weapons which shoot around planets, track anything, blow up everything they touch, and recharge in 0.0001 milliseconds. Best of all, they make this really cool "Pew! Pew! Pew!" noise when one depresses the firing toggle. =p They come in lemon yellow, orange orange, and raspberry red.

Seriously, you shouldn't worry about the email. You should worry even less about the email sender. You have never been less than helpful and informative and have taken time out to steer me and others clear of some very dumb things we were about to do with our own mods. No matter how busy you were at the time. Everyone has a point where the "I care" circuit breaker flips firmly to the Off position. We would not be human if we did not.

The Joelteon7

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13th November 2004

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#14 13 years ago

My 'I care' button for the community was flipped about 0.4 seconds after I became site admin.

Wait, did I type that out loud?


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9th December 2006

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#15 13 years ago

I think its great that we all seem to agree on this, it proves the community isn't as dead as some website clossures seem to suggest.

And what on Earth would somebody actually want with a Godship? I can understand maybe you've had a long week and the thought of just massacreing the AI in two minutes could be a way to let off steam, but otherwise it wrecks to two points that started this whole community and modding area, "Star Trek" cos they have no uber ships, and "Armada" cos it is just one ship.

And you can't really turn round to someone and say "build me a Godship" and expect full credit can you?

Well at least Jeff bothered to complain (although childishly and unfairly) and didn't just uninstall AOW, great mod BTW.


Cloaked in the Neutral Zone

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4th February 2004

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#16 12 years ago

Everytime I need a good laugh I swing by this site. Achilles, this one had me LMAO. Yes, it is a daft email. Hope all is well with you mate.


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24th August 2002

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#17 12 years ago

try to find one " in a thousand odfs is like finding a needle in a haystack :P and a huge headache

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