AJL mod servers, where art thou?! -1 reply

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your 8 letter answer: Vintorez

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8th March 2008

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#1 12 years ago

AJL mod = perfect multiplayer experience:bows: AJL mod = no more plasma/sniper/runner/disc/ whores:eek: AJL mod = re-tooled and balanced classes:deal: AJL mod = If you've said to your self "man I wish that AvP had [insert concept here]" It's probably got it! (the next release especially):D AJL mod = an average of 2 server's (inactive!):confused: ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I commend this mod to the limit of my commendabilityness, it is alot smaller than most other mods out there but it is by far the funnest to play, the download is far more than worth it! P.S.= if you are a lover of this mod but wish that there were more player's, send me an email at [EMAIL="pickle.surprise@hotmail.com"]pickle.surprise@hotmail.com[/EMAIL]. It would be a good thing. (you can also reach me on MSN) cheer's :beer:


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18th August 2008

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#2 12 years ago

ive been looking for one too but i think there is none