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#1 10 years ago

For those of you who don't know what some of them are, I'll list the URLs. I'm going to vote SS Free since thats my community, but if I had to choose another, I would probably pick either AvPGalaxy or Explosmertacular.

THE OPTIONS SS Free (424 members) AvPGalaxy (9,463 members) Planet AvP (1,639,510 members) Avp (2 members) Alien Board (3 members) Alien Experience (1,373 members) AlienvsPredator2.com (4,988 members) AvP2files.com (579,603 members) Explosmertacular (2 members) Planet Mac (3 members) Trollz (8 members) Alien Trilogy players (1 member) AliensCollection.com (0 members) Predator Stuff (0 members) The Hunter's Lair (2,439 members) AvP News (0 members) The HIVE (534 members) The Hunted (1,102 members)