On a regular server how does one kick and stuff? -1 reply

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avp2 rox?

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9th February 2004

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#1 14 years ago

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well well me meat again luke

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23rd February 2004

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#2 13 years ago

control password allows a client to take control of the dedicated server

[color=blue] kick [/color][color=blue]playername[/color] kicks playername out of the server

[color=blue] restart[/color] resets the server to the first level in the cycle

[color=blue] prevlevel[/color] stops the current match and gets back to the previous level

[color=blue] nextlevel[/color] stops the current match and moves on to the next level

[color=blue] restartlevel[/color] stops the current match and restart the current level

[color=blue] lifecycle[/color] toggles on/off Alien's life cycle

[color=blue] predmask[/color] toggles on/off Predator's mask loss

[color=blue] friendlyfire[/color] toggles on/off friendly fire

[color=blue] popupnames[/color] toggles on/off the displaying of the players' name

[color=blue] locationdamage[/color] toggles on/off the attribution of damage in terms of their location

[color=blue] classweapons[/color] toggles on/off weapons' categories

[color=blue] queen [/color][color=blue]number[/color] sets the number of consecutive frags that an Alien player would need to become a Queen (range: 0-10)

[color=blue] exosuit [/color][color=blue]number[/color] sets the maximum number of exoskeletons allowed in the level (range: 0-10)