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#1 15 years ago

I played AVP2 and loved it so much I'm trying to play the original - AVP Gold Edition. Is there a reload key? 'R' does not work and I cannot find it when I go to key configuration. I even reset the defaults and it does not work. I've been playing first-person shooters for years, and this is the first time I have encountered this. I'm playing on realistic level, but I only have three saves per level. It appears to be three saves only, not just three slots. I normally save when I begin a level, just to avoid the cutscenes, but it appears I only have two saves left. Is there any way around this? Are there flashlights for the marine, or just light intensification? What is the 'Flashback Weapon' that is in the key configuration? I'm playing the marine first, and I'm still on the first level.

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#2 15 years ago

A reload key? I'm not sure why you'd need one. Just quit the mission you're on and start it again from the mission select screen; as you progress you'll notice you unlock the various missions. The limited save feature is intended and unavoidable; it is one of the many aspects of AvP which is intended to make it more difficult. In fact, I believe that before Gold Version you may not have been able to save at all. It was a point of complaint, but I personally liked it as I thought it helped add to the atmosphere and make you more nervous -- you actually started to fear for your life, whereas in games such as Half-Life 2 you can simply hit 'Quick Save' as often as you like and have done with it. As for the flashlight, I don't think there was one in AvP1 (strangely enough -- you'd have thought Colonial Marines would have something as simple as a flashlight on their person, but there you go). There is the light intensifier (unlimited battery life?), and there are the ever-important flares, which are far more useful in AvP1 than they ever were in AvP2. I *think* you have an unlimited number of flares in AvP1, but you can only have 5 or so in action at any one time. I always used to leave a well-spaced trail of them as I went through dark areas.