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#1 14 years ago

Yes, my name is Assassin Burst here, but in AVP2 it's WingMan, and I'm the clanleader of the clan: [color=darkorange]ONE[/color] (stands for [color=darkorange]Online Nation of Exterminators[/color]), and the tag is [color=darkorange]_{!}_[/color][color=black]. [/color] But this clan is just beginning, and I, the CL, am the only member of the clan :P . The clan is European, and you must be 13 years or older (I'm 13 years old so...). Are you interested, and want to know more? Go to the forum: and take a look there. IF you read the rules, and other things, and you wanna join, then go to the topic for joining, or mail me (for that address, look on the clan ONE forum). I was a member of clan [Dutch] and now started my own. ONE rule is VERY important: Be active! Thank you.