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1st Platoon Enlistment

The newly established [USCM] is looking for a few good men to join the ranks. The USCM is a Marine only clan in official operations, but you can always find Marines transforming into Corporates or even Aliens and Predators.

All training, tactics, and squads are centered around Marines. There are no Predator, Alien, or Corporate squads in the USCM. Though enemy squads in training missions could be Colonial Marines in disguise as OPFOR (Opposing Forces).

Here at the USCM Headquarters, we will need to do our best to get on our feet. We're looking for promising and potential leaders to help us with that. There are plenty of opportunities to prove your worth and effort if your looking for that big role in a clan you've always wanted.

USCM Headquarters http://www.colonialmarines.cjb.net

Questions or Comments? Contact this recruiter right away! Email: [email="miamiheat87@aol.com"]miamiheat87@aol.com[/email] ICQ: 209842258