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#1 16 years ago

hi all im {MERC}Frost and im helping a friend to start a clan [not really a clan but ill explain]. well this is not really a clan but its more like a small group of people aho arent interested in joinign a clan but do feel like clan battle as you all know there are alot of new clans in avp2 but some clans even make it arange a clan battle before they have enough members those people are sometimes desprate then in use of members thats when this group jumps in we cn be hired for clan battle by these clans (the group has still to be advertised so dont expect a clan match any time near) so if you feel like joining mail either [email=""][/email] or visit the site @ well hope your interested in joining P.S. the rules are simpel as long as your in the group you can do what ever you want and if your hired by another clan you have to follow their rules. well i stop here and again have fun greets from me



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18th May 2006

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#2 16 years ago

Hold up! Isn't {MERC} Mercenaries already a clan? Wasn't it started in January 2002? :wtf:


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#3 16 years ago

yes but im helping a friend with starting i am in {MERC} and yes it is started in 2002 (according to most people im fairly new so dont know precise) and well he wasnt registered here so i thought ill just fill it in for him and the clan isnt called mercenary's its called SOC dont know what it stand for anymore :uhm: greets {MERC}Frost