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Hey im dredlock_doom my clan is recruiting, we currently are listed in the major avp2 league and are looking for any1 who wants 2 be part of a good young clan. (no test needed) we will accept any1 if they generally want to play and think they will improve. we have some matches coming up and any raw players will be thrown in at the deep end so to speak. the clan has some great talent, marine,alien and predator, all specialitys caterd the clan has a great atmosphere, we r all gud friends and will help u 2 fit in. If your really new i suggest that you tlk 2 me first before making any major desicions about joining a gaming clan. my msn is [email=""][/email], or you can email me at my clan adress which is [email=""][/email] our website recently crashed and the new ones a bit incomplete but its Plz do ask if you want 2 know anything, i'll reply 2 every1 asap. regards, dredlock_doom (-HM-)


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