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12th August 2006

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#1 14 years ago

hi, i was wondering if anyone knew how to solve the following problems: Firstly i want to know how i can change the amount of grenades etc. that is stored in an ammobox. I looked in the pickupbutes.txt file but could not figure out how to change it. Secondly could someone tell me how to change the velocity that the disc is thrown at. Again I looked in the weapons.txt file and found nothing. Lastly could someone tell me how to change the firerate of the pulse rifle for example. I looked in weapons and only found 'vectorsperround' but i wanted to actually change the fire rate and not the vectors. Is it something to do with the animation? Sorry if these sound like noob questions but i would really appreciate anyhelp on this. Thanks

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8th July 2002

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#2 14 years ago

1.) Ammo boxes simply hold whatever pickups that their creator wants them to hold, though it is limited to pickups that exist within pickups.txt. For example, if I was a mapper I could put a Sadar pickup, a Sadar tracking rockets ammo pickup, and a pulse rifle no grenades pickup into one ammo box. Changing the values of how many rockets you get per Sadar tracking rockets pickup would effect how many rockets you got by using that ammo box. Sometimes mappers will even put more than one pickup of the same type into one ammo box. 2.) The velocity of projectiles are found within the FX.txt file. Check the ammo (not ammo pool) entry for the weapon you want to find out about in weapons.txt and look up the projectile heading. 3.) Fire rates are governed by the actual model, by the 'fire_key' entry and animation length, which can be edited by ModelEdit (comes with the AvP2 tools). However, this is also subject to frame rate, as people with lower FPS will actually fire slower.