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#1 13 years ago

Does anybody know if there's a mod that juices up the blood and gore in the game? Call me a sadistic bastard, but come on! A game about Xenomorphs and Predators should have just as much, if not more, gore than the movies do. And the movies, especially the Predator movies, have a buttload of gore. When I BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMHEADSHOT a scientist as a drone, I want brains and pieces of the egghead's skull to splatter all over the wall, and I want that to stay on the wall and not disappear after a couple minutes.

So, if any graphics modders are available and would like to attempt this undertaking, you'd be my bestest friends evar.


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#2 13 years ago

You have to take into consideration the age of this game. When this game was released, gore was pretty much frowned upon ( more so than it is now ).

You can check the files/downloads on avsp2files.com and see if there is something to help you out. But now with the game being as old as it is, i would guess that there are limited coders who would be interested in taking this step.