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14th July 2006

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#1 14 years ago

ive been posting stuff about aliens or avp mod for doom 3 but nobody seems to have taken much of an interest. surely there is some1 out there with modding experience who wants it as much as me i dont know anything about modding but u would only need new weapons & new character skins maybe you could mod avp2 models of aliens for doom3 and just replace the imps with them to see how they look some 1 pls do this

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8th July 2002

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#2 14 years ago

The problem with an AvP mod for Doom3 is that Doom3 doesn't render very large outdoor areas very well (there's a reason you don't go running around Mars's surface much). IMO, Half-Life 2 would be a much better game to mod for it, as it has terrific AI and is being made with modders in mind. And you can't simply pull models from AvP2 and put them into other games. For one, all AvP2 models are in .abc format, who's animations can only be edited by SoftEdit. Ripping them with any other program would leave you with a mesh but no animations. Secondly, the quality disperity between the AvP2 models and any modern game will make your eyes hurt. Besides, Fox has already said they will be working on AvP3 once they finnish with Predator: Concrete Jungle.