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20th September 2005

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#1 12 years ago

Hi, I have an whiNvidia driver ch usually automatically adds "Application profiles" into it's "Performance and Quality Settings" section when you install a game on the comp. Ex: I installed Jedi Knight 3 on comp, and then the nvidia driver created a custom "Jedi knight 3 Application Profile" for it. With these profiles you can set anti-aliasing, Anisopheric fitering, etc.(for older games like this because the original game's graphic's options don't have these options). But when I installed AVP2, no Application Profile was added to the list, so I can't set 4X AA, or 16X AF. The Nvidia Driver has made a Application Profile for EVERY game I've installed except this one! Anyone know why this is, or how to get AA, of AF another way? Any help would Awesome :)


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#2 12 years ago

hi! you have to set the profile manually. choose "add profile" in the performance & quality settings menu. then click "browse". go to your avp 2 direction then choose the "lithtech.exe" NOT the "avp2.exe". add it to your profiles. greetz