How can i put UMP2 Maps in delicated server -1 reply

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#1 11 years ago

How can i put UMP2 Maps in delicated server becouse when i put them the server crashes and im using Rommie mod and im not renting a server. And also how can i open REZ files if somebody knows the answerstot heese questions please answer:)


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#2 11 years ago

If your not renting a server it cant be a dedicated one.

Upload ump to server (or do this on your own pc.

to run a dedicated server. edit the customrez.txt (So avp2 knows were to finf the maps (for a server the commadn line does not work) also put a server set up file in the server data folder. easiest way to do this, start aliens vs predator. Online multy play host internet game. go to configeration, make a new file, and set all setting you want. which maps you want to play ( 32 is the max I believe) ff on or off number of player. bandwith, class weapos on or off, and so on.

then start serve rwith server.exe.when it starts it will ask you which file to load. thats the fiel you made in game.