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8th October 2006

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#1 14 years ago

I went out and got AVP 2 today, installed it and when I first click on the shortcut the brown startup window comes on fine, but when I click on "PLay" the sound is all distorted with echos and pops and other annoyances..... I've tried to put the audio settings on the lowest settings and that has helped, but it still kinda ruins the fun of the game.

I am running XP on a P4 with a brand new SoundBlaster Live card, updated drivers and have more that enough RAM, etc (I'm also playing Doom 3 with no problems...).

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd sure appreciate it!!! Thanks-- Robbie:eek:

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#2 14 years ago

To be truthful, I have the exact same problem. My only solution was to make sure you get by the Fox Int. logo before it starts playing sounds, and to turn on in-game FMV's. It has to do with the code that the game uses, and I've heard that some people have success by replacing the bink and smacker .dll files that came with the game with newer ones. This doesn't work for everyone, so be sure you back up the original copies first.