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20th June 2006

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#1 14 years ago

I have managed to get to the point where I am attempting to follow the instructions of getting a package for the 'whoever it is'. I retrieved what appears to be an elevator key from a room after hacking into it. I assume it is a key, because when I picked it up the voice said to 'take that elevator' to the lab. But I cannot get back into the elevator. It's weird. I gained access to the core area where the marine was first knowcked out and betrayed, but cannot find the elevator to take to the lab. It's weird...:confused:

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#2 14 years ago

The elevator to the lab is on the other side of the gangplank that bridges the large cylinder area (where you can look up and see the very top of the pod). It's in a room with lots of TV screens and a desk to the left. The elevator is on the right.