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#1 13 years ago

Hi all i am new to this forum and wonder if someone can help me with a problem. I have got the demo of AvP2 and am trying to complete the predator mission[trap (follow your abducted clan mates)]. I know that i have to run left down the tunnel and then go left there. I get to the place where two marines come out saying "its out there, its coming" and kill both of them. There are three boxes there, one small one and two large ones. I know i have to jump on the boxes whihc i do. I cannot however jump onto the tree. I have spent hours trying i dont know what is the problem? Can anyone help as its driving me mad!


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youre not supposed to jump on that tree.youre supposed to go up the hill behind that tree.heres a walkthrough for that level. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mission:Trap Total kills: 2 - 4 marines (possible 1 sentry gun facing you) level difficulty: easy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Ignore the APC and marines down there and follow the only patch you can take into the tunnel (to the left). -Turn on cloak and Thermal(blue) vision. -When you exit the tunnel, (ignore the 2 guards in front of you) jump off to the left, kill the single guard. Proceed further left (towards the boxes and the direction the APC went (if you was fast enough you could see it)). Don't worry about fall damage here, unless you power-jump you won't take any. -There are two guards there, ignore them, just avoid them by walking as much left as possible (once again same path as the APC took (if you was fast enough you could see it)). [way 1: longer but easier, costs 1 speargun arrow] -Ignore the next 2 guards by hugging the wall to the left as much as possible, keep on running. One guard may turn around in your direction. But if you keep running he will ignore you. (Or if you prefer to fight: kill the left one with the disc, the 2nd one runs off. Try not to drain attention from the other guards more to the right) -Now becarefull, up the hill is a sentry gun, take it out with a single speargun shot. -You will encounter 2 additional sentry guns on the way to your right, ignore them. They aren't facing you anyway. [Way 2: shorter but harder] -Go left around the boxes and around the tree. -Go hug the most right wall and enter the mini-cave. Kill the two guards. -Jump up to the top of the tree, throw a disc at the marine coming out of the cave and enter. -When you exit the cave cloak and hop straight ahead from tree to tree to cave (4 trees in total). (from the cave exit) The cave must be somewhere in front of you and a little to the left. -You see 2 ships flying by. Enter the next cave. -When exiting the cave, if you just run towards the guard he will most likely not be facing you, punish him for it. If you wait, he will turn around and you will have to disc him. -Tree jumping directions: forward, left (tree with a guard, just proceed quickly), right, forward, jump to the top and jump left, jump to the top and to the cave. (The directions are giving from you last facing position when you enter a tree)