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Dr. Pest

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25th December 2003

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#1 14 years ago

Hello everyone here :) I made a little stunt movie with a friend of mine, containing a scene from EoD, too. Its our first try, so please... smile.gif Tell me what you think about it, please. EoD simply is the best mod arround. I dont like DC it has not the atmosphere of EoD. Anyway: Dl the movie here: http://www.comp1337.com/comp1337stunts.zip (Germany) http://drknickel.com/comp1337stunts/comp1337stunts.zip (USA) http://fire.prohosting.com/comp1337/comp1337stunts.zip (UK) Readme: "-=Comp.1337 Stunts=- Just a little Stunt Movie Size: 19,5 mb Playtime: 2 min 28 sec Codec: Windows Media Video 9 Capture Tool: Fraps 1.9D Levels: Wake Island and Charlie don't surf (EoD) created by Phex and Dr. Pest from the total Fun Clan {comp.1337} using Battlefield 1.5 and Eve of Destruction 0.21 (the best mod ever) Featuring insane ;) stunts like Jeep and Plane Jumping, Parachutist Pickups with both plane and helicopter, and "the Pilot Change". Well, just some cool little stunts. We didn't like all these stupid low gravity stunts, so we thought, well let's create a little stunt movie ourselve. This is our first movie, so please be gentle with us :) We used no other tools, hacks or mods (gravity, health etc) of any kind. Actors: Well, Phex and Dr. Pest Visit or Homepage: Contact: [email="drpest@metaljudge.com"]drpest@metaljudge.com[/email] and [email="webmaster@host2000.de"]webmaster@host2000.de[/email]" Music: Dimmu Borgir - Mourning Palace :rock:



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28th November 2003

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#2 14 years ago

is that possible? a stunt movie with fresh stunts? lol. i'll d/l on boxing day though!

happy christmas all!