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3rd July 2005

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"MVPSeann"Twl presents the Battlefield 1942 Spring Season League Here is the league outline including all the information you will need. You can always reach me on Xfire or Mirc with your questions. Let's get some teams signed up and a good showing for 42' Ruleset TWL: Rules (Standard 5v5 Inf) Mod? Yes, BFPro .81 will be used for the pro maps. Other maps that do not have a pro version, that I have, will be played vanilla. Pro is better for competition and I think the other maps will be a fun change of pace. When? Matches played on Wed.'s at 9 est. (reschedules must be done by Sunday) Here is the schedule with the exact map file names. (BFPro is bold) Preseason 4/30 operation_forager.rfa Season 5/7 Abandoned City 5/14 Caen 5/21 Berlin Midnight 5/28 Canyon Combat 6/4 Stalingrad_pro.rfa 6/11 Fall_of_berlin_pro.rfa Playoffs 6/18 Berlin_pro.rfa 6/25 KoH_pro.rfa **Finals** 7/2 Battleaxe_pro.rfa

Let's see some teams, TWL: Battlefield 1942: 5v5 Spring Season Aside : I will be posting links for BFPro as soon as I go find them. Also, if anyone has trouble finding a particular map, reach me and I can give it to you. Also, if someone has a pro version of one of the maps I have not listed as pro, please let me know. I had a bad crash and lost everything I had yesterday. If anyone has any serious issues/suggestions or needs to enlighten me on a mistake, feel free; nothing is set in stone. Go Go Go!

^^:naughty::cya: could be fun