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24th May 2004

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#1 16 years ago

BF1942 is cool but there are some things that always bothered me about the game. So a while ago I made a mini-mod that fixes some of this stuff. It's been sitting on my computer a while and figure I should try and find a server to run it since I think a lot of players will like it (and a few will really really hate it, I admit). Here is a list of the changes (the link has some additional explinations for the changes). Added support for all existing official bf1942 maps. Added pilot class. Pilot gets a pistol, binoculars and a first-aid kit (temporarily broken). Removed parachutes from all classes except pilots. Adjusted backpack models for various classes. Removed sniper rifles. Scouts get non-scoped engineer rifles instead. Slightly increased accuracy of bolt-action engineer rifles. Reduced speed at which ammoboxes and vehicles resupply grenades, landmines and detpacks. Allow external camera view for players. Increased accuracy of most mounted and coaxial machine guns. Adjusted accuracy falloff and recovery for most mounted and coaxial machine guns. Adjusted heat meters for most mounted and coaxial machine guns. Removed driver seat entry positions for artillery and rocket trucks. You must enter through the gunner seat now (prevents hijack of in-use artillery). Increased shell velocity for ship turrets and defguns by 25%. Increased shell velocity for medium tanks by 50% and heavy tanks by 25%. Reduced shell drop by 50% for all tanks. Added two rear passenger seats to jeep. Adjusted slightly the firing and reload rates for depth charges. Added magazines to AA turrets. Increased slightly the firing rate of AA guns to compensate for reload delays. It's pretty straightforward I think. No more hijacking artillery. No more parachuting off bridges or bailing out of planes at the last second (unless you are a pilot of course). No more newbies way off in the fog sniping for kills while your team loses every flag. No more constant grenade spam on maps like Stalingrad and Berlin. Mounted and coaxial machine guns are actually useful now! Tank shells shoot farther and faster with less drop! Obviously some players will hate this but I think it does far more good to the game than harm and I think that the vast majority of people will like it if they try it out. This first version is ready and only about 100k in size, I'm just trying to find a server to host it before releasing it. I'm also looking for any suggestions or comments you have. The changes above fix what bugs me about the game but I'm sure you guys have ideas too. Nothing big though like new vehicles or anything, only minor settings changes and stuff like that. I do have some stuff in mind for an updated version too. I think the improved mounted/coaxial machine guns are going to be too good against airplanes so I'll probably have to adjust the damage or plane abilities a little so it's still fair. I don't want to overpower the planes by making too many changes too quickly though, so I want to test out this version before making any balance changes with the planes. It has also been suggested that you should duck when manning a machine gun and I like this idea and will look into it. The pilots first-aid kit also doesn't work yet (I can't figure out why) so I need to fix that or replace it with something else. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated.

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7th October 2003

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#2 16 years ago

GJ, i tested it and its quite fun and nice.

No more fraghunt spammers and airplane cowards, now if youre plane is going down, youl have to face it :)