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28th July 2007

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#1 13 years ago

Hi all, Ive been playing battlefield since around version 1.25(I remember when the first DC and FH were released lol) anyway, I was wondering if there were any battlefield players here in the Bham area, I live near the UAB campus and play in local bands, but I love to play bf42 and bfv and I also like to (attempt) to make maps for both.

I have only finished one map,and it would not even be around now if it werent for Natty Wallo fixing the crashing problem that I had no idea how to fix, I had seriously written it off and gave up on mapping,even after multiple posts and troubleshooting over at Legion of the Dragon, we still couldnt figure it out, but Natty saw the posts months after and actually fixed the map! So as of one month ago I started mapping again and am working on 2 bfv maps and touching up on my finished bf42 map, so anyway, Ill be reading the forums from time to time, Ive already obtained some good info on mapping from here and it's helped me brush up on my fledgling skills, take care all