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***Exploited Noobs Mission Statement: eN! is dedicated to exposing and "exploiting" game hackers, cheaters, tk'ers, smurfers, exploiters and any other form of "smacknoob" or "smacktard". While this site may appear very offensive, the goal of this site is to make it as degrading as possible to be featured here. This site has nothing against actual "noobs", which are "newbies" to any game, scene etc. Here we classify all "smacknoobs" with actual "noobs", to make it that much more degrading. Hopefully smacknoobs that get featured at eN! will learn the errors of their ways, which should help clean up the scene of the seemingly endless flow of smacknoobs. If eN! prevails many smacknoobs may fear being featured here. eN! is the smacknoob authority!

***eN! takes a different approach than most anti-hacker sites, by taking the fight directly to the hackers(but personal information is FORBIDDEN). eN! also intends to bust anyone out there that smurfs respected players into looking like hackers. eN! tries to make the environment a funny place to add entertainment value to the dirtyness that comes with the topic of smacknoobs, and has off topic categories like "Other N00bs" for that purpose. Most public sites dislike the types of threads youd typically find at eN!, but eN! doesnt mind taking the heat in hopes to make a difference, and at least remove hacking from competition.

***Calling all whistle-blowers! BF2 is finally out, and for a little while hacking wont be a very big issue. So in a sense we have a bit of a clean slate. Help expose those who hack in BF42/DC/BFV, in competition especially. Help us make examples of those truely diserving, and hopefully we can make hackers fear being "exploited", and make them fear hacking in competition! Dont forget, dont come in here just pointing fingers, make sure you can somehow back up your claim.

***Recruiting BFV/all-mods Moderator(s)! We need somone respectable with good BFV background, to help get this section going. Best candidate would have some clan background from a reputable clan, not a "noob" to the BFV scene.

***TACTICS SECTIONS now featuring exclusive de-classified content from IRUWM, now including all TWL(BF42/DC) maps: -100% accurate spawn maps(infantry, ammo, health, etc). Ive also transfered the spawns/etc onto overhead screenshots of the bases/outposts. -Infantry spawn point/ammo/health/kits maps with same intel transfered onto aerial shots -Landmarks/Road/Buildings naming system to overhaul team comms. -Offense/Defense Tactics -Base Rape tactics -Strats -Strat templates -Vehicle spawn timing -Comms/Teamwork Tactics -Arty pixel aims -Invasion Timing Tactics -Fixed aspect aerial photo maps with added grid lines, landmarks, -Team comms systems/team routine systems type stuff. -Vehicle spawn times, grid travel distance timing. -Tactics/rape tactics etc. Attack wave(playbook-like) concepts. -Lots of items for presentations in ATC(custom/advanced strat templates/etc). -More... We also have tactics sections for the other games currently featured.

***Now featuring Half-Life 2 and CS:S forums! Please welcome Ike, from the anti-hacker group Counter-Hack.net , as our new HL2/CS:S moderator!

***eN! is for gathering of evidence of "smacknoobism", but may also gather/correct rumors circulating the internet. Please note GATHERING of rumors, that doesnt mean eN! is the place to come START rumors! Gathering of quotes, links, threads, images, screenshots etc etc all relavent to "exploiting smacknoobs", and some gathered material may simply be rumors from time to time.

Everyone has a chance to come correct any false claims about them, and are encouraged to do so. Everyone is also encouraged to correct a claim they feel is false, especially if they are competant to do so. Just because a persons name may come up here DOESNT mean eN! is out the smear them, instead its likely info that has been brought up elsewhere. Dont flame people for posting info they found, and just because there might be points brought up elsewhere that they missed. That doesnt make the "exploiter" worthy of flaming. We will try to come inform all exploitees to give them a fair chance to defend themselves within a reasonable amount of time.

We can understand how people can be furious once seeing their name brought up at eN!, especially if they are innocent. You must understand that eN! is really there to forgive those diserving, and also to BASH those diserving. We've decided not to delete many threads of those exploited, because even in false claims it can do people a favor to leave the info up. That said BE ADVISED that just because you see someones name in the listing doesnt make them a true smacknoob. If you see a name that youre familiar with make sure YOU READ THE POST before you decide they are a smacknoob! Threads that are not specific to any particular smacknoob(s) and/or are started without any sort of evidence will likely be deleted if it appears to be spam or a rumor mill(rumors starting there).

***eN! is registered with Cyber Sitter & Net Nanny for adult language.

***eN! site contains NO spyware, adware, malware, or pornographic contentcontent. eN! is Non-Profit!


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#2 14 years ago
We've decided not to delete many threads of those exploited, because even in false claims it can do people a favor to leave the info up. That said BE ADVISED that just because you see someones name in the listing doesnt make them a true smacknoob.

Personally I don't see how that can possibly be true. If my name appeared and I could provide evidence that the accusation was unture (or the evidence provided wasn't sufficient to support the claim), then I would demand it be removed immediately. In fact, leaving false claims up that impact on a person's standing on the gaming community (ie: I might, being a moderator on Files Network, lose my job as a moderator because of a false claim left on your website), is probably grounds for legal action. Keep in mind that false accusations in newspapers quickly attract legal threats followed by immediate apology for including act (or if not protracted legal action). In my opinion if you want to be taken seriously you mustremove any false claims, accusations etc.




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#3 14 years ago

I agree with Apocalypse Kid on this one. And while a site like this sounds like a good idea I truly hope you have a good lawyer who works cheap.. S