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4th May 2007

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#1 13 years ago

Dumb question but, when I aim right at someone and shoot them they don't die, not even fromk a head shot so I have to get right up close and shoot them which is not always fun when sniping.


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4th June 2004

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#2 13 years ago

When you play on a server, you have to accound not only for the person's movement, but the inherent lag when playing online as well. Sometimes, like when flying, you will see your bullets hit a plane (and all the stuff comes off the tail), but they will not die, no matter how much you hit them. This is casued by server lag -- you have to aim out ahead to do any damage. This is the same when you're on the ground. You just need to find how far you need to aim ahead, and you should be fine. And I know, its really hard on snipers, becasue you have only one bullet, and you have to accound for their mavement and the lag. Its tough, but you should be able to figure it out with practice.


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7th July 2003

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#3 13 years ago

Like Colonel Bobsaid LAG, I pretty much only snipe in BF :cool: and on slower server Lag will kill your accuracy you when to lead cause it will make the gun fire after you actually click your mouse (or whatever key yours is) Or maybe your kinda new to snipin and stand and snipe, laying down is best when snipin from above (I.E. A hill) but I personlly snipe from a crouched postition but whatever floats your boat. NEVER stand and snipe, hard as hell to hit 'em. you could try lowering the settings if it's graphics lag or find server with lower pings (try under 100 ping).


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19th December 2004

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#4 13 years ago

Don't know what server you guys play on but I don't get lag, as long as I'm in a server with <150 ping I'm fine.

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26th October 2004

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#5 13 years ago

Generally a server with a ping lower than 150 is fine. I suffer from the occasional lag, but nothing too severe


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#6 13 years ago

yeah, but i'm on a mac and i only play the demo abit. and on it the lag is really bad so you can't even play it really just be thankful your not on an apple computer.