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27th March 2007

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#1 14 years ago

Whatup? I was wondering if you knew of a solution to my internet problem. First off I have a stupid satillite connection which is useless for internet gaming:( Have you ever heard of using a cell phone with a data cable and like AOL to get a better connection so I could play on the net? My friend at work said that this is what he uses but I am skeptical. Trust me I have scoured the earth to find a better connection than satillite, but in this area of Texas thats all we have out here. Of couse I could move, not like I have heard that one before so thats not really a solution. Using a dial-up would give me the same speeds I have already. Hell I even e-mailed the stupid phone company to ask when they where goin to provide dsl in my area and got a packaged responce like "we plan it in the future", what I kind of figured that but I will probably be 90 years old when that happens. So sorry for the long thread, but I need some insight on the data cable, cell phone thing. Or if someone uses this set-up could they post there up-down speeds? Thanks