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23rd December 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Okay just a quick thing I found out with my Winter Storm map. If you've got the original AND the Secret Weapons one installed on your computer and the game crashes on loading if you run it in SP/Coop, here's a possible fix for it. Go to your BF1942 directory, then your bf1942 mod, in my case: C: -> Program Files -> EA Games -> Battlefield 1942 -> mods -> bf1942 then open the Init.con file in Notepad or Wordpad, whichever you prefer. There should be: game.CustomGameName BF1942 game.addModPath Mods/BF1942/ game.setCustomGameVersion 1.61 game.setCustomGameUrl "" Game.setMenuMusicFilename "music/slaughter4.bik" Game.setLoadMusicFilename "music/vehicle4.bik" Game.setWinMusicFilename "music/vehicle3.bik" Game.setLoseMusicFilename "music/menu.bik" Game.setCampaignLoseMusicFilename "music/theme2.bik" Game.setDebriefingMusicFilename "music/briefing.bik" Check for a line saying game.addModPath Mods/XPack2 If there is, delete it and there shouldn't be a problem. Oh yeah, and it's best if you delete the original first release. Why this happens: the MG jeeps use the same AI for both the Bf1942 and XPack2 maps, so it crashes because the game tries to load the same AI files twice, and you'll get a CTD. Just thought I've give you the heads-up, the next release will fix that problem plus it will be BF2-style: different size maps for different amounts of players. :cya: