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#1 15 years ago

Now, before I start off, I'd like to say that I'm the type of person that likes to have fun wtih a game, being able to play without much much frustration, not from being killed, but having incompetent teammates who think the definition of cooperative play is to run off, killing fellow teammates. Voip has been absolutely bliss for me, or t least when I can find another player who uses it, since i'm not fond of typing under heavy fire, most likely getting being killed in the process. At least these people, will take SOME direction when ordered by the squadleader when asked. As for the Commander on your side however, I do pity him, as tactical as he might be, his success is ultimately dependant on the grunts, I would easily say that it is the toughest job in the game. Even though the VOIP can be a savior, as I've seen most players that do not have a headset, will blow off their designated targets, this could be the result of moving in on perhaps forces attacking them from those locations, but the majority of the time it's a mindset that 'Hey, there's a flag right there, let's get it.' And ultimately dooming themselves in a way by allowing the original target to fortify itself and cause major damage to the units before they even arrive, loosing a single APC could determine the fate of an outpost in most settings. So anyways, yes, I would ask everyone who reads this to be a bit more headsmart in their actions, and listen to the leaders as necessary, unless they are in some way rather horrible as a commander, in which the Mutiny can easily fix that. Thanks for all of your time, DarkestSorrow

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#3 15 years ago

yeah i here ya... but unfortunately unless youre playing a clan game with people you know, its rarely going to work out like that... many of the players are just noobs (including people who get leadership possitions). Even though its a team game, the majority of the time its every man for themselves. People generaly want whats best for themselves, their global score and not whats best for the rest of the team. So its a case of "oh look there's a flag, ill get 4 points if i can capture it, if i go to where the SL wants me to (at the other side of the map most of the time) then there's a good chance ill die before i even get there". The only way i could really think of Dice fixing this is to have increased points for when the commander or squad leader makes an order and it is followed. Other than that, they could make it so only the winning team gets the points, but that would put a lot of pressure on who's leader and i think it would just p' off the majority of people lol.