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#21 15 years ago

Ya. If they do have like a Clan system ingame. You should be able to like send warnings to EA about the clan. And then EA gives them like Bad Points and their clan ranking will go down. Should do the same with normal players too.


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#22 15 years ago

These sound like good ideas. I love the new commander view theyve got going on now in battlfield 2 now. Makes things much easier to strategize. I guess the noobs will have to learn the hard way! No more rambo styling idiots that totally blow your cover or ruin your entire plan. I hope BF2 comes with a tutorial in game and forces new people to go through it before being allowed online. So like as soon as they want to go online but dont have any experience :deal: a sign pops up and says "Complete training NOOB OR YOU WILL NEVER PLAY ONLINE!"