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20th November 2005

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#1 11 years ago

Just a small video showing my soon-to-be mod of the MoaB "Mother of all Bombs". Detonated in the Air of course.

The MoaB is the biggest non nuke explosive to date. This is detonated high up in the air and destroys a lot below and in the surrounding area, and in the air (if you are within the radius).

Still work to be done, I would call it a tactical nuke but even tactical nuclear weapons are much bigger then this, so i'm calling it a MoaB.

I also have a Tactical Ground nuke I would like to release.

Tactical Ground Nuke - YouTube - BF2 nuke

MoaB Air Blast - Quick-air-blast.wmv -

*Note, still under Dev. Just a quick showing.