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21st June 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Have you ever played the single player for any exteded period of time? Well I did last night, and saw a bunch of things that I thought were really strange about the A.I. First of all, the guys on your team, GET IN YOUR WAY.... ALOT. They crouch down in front of you, and then right when you start firing, they stand up, causing you to kill them (and waste valuable ammunition :D). Then there's the issue with the enemy A.I. that I've noticed in all of the Battlefield Series. THEY ALWAYS KNOW WHERE YOU ARE!!! I hate it, you could be crouched down, out of sight, pop up BEHIND someone, and they turn around and shoot you. Good thing they aren't very accurate, or I would've died ALOT more. Well, there's my rant. Yes, only two things, but that's all I felt like writing about right now, there are more, I assure you. Post any things you guys have seen.