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#1 13 years ago

I would really like to find servers running some of the new community made maps.Are there any programs software or other to help find these servers?:bawl: Default BF2 maps are great but a lot of the other maps seem just as good.Thx for any and all the help...


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#2 13 years ago

I use All-Seeing Eye as my server browser. You can filter on allot of things including non-EA maps. But right now, in North America, I only see a couple servers running non-EA maps and they are empty. :(

I like custom maps. Anything to extend playability to the game helps the community. If you know the originator's website for the custom maps, maybe see if they have custom-map server nights or something like that.


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#3 13 years ago

Make sure you disable the "ranked only" filter box. No custom map servers are ranked