Battlecorder tutorial needed please -1 reply

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21st June 2005

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#1 12 years ago

I have googled, asked a friend, and now I searched here with no luck on how exactly to use the battlecorder and what steps are needed to obtain the recorded match and save it and all that jive

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30th June 2005

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#2 12 years ago

ok first u must join a game a battlerecorder server coz most of the servers dont have it i recommend a few of the gamearena or gamespace servers then finish a match go to community and download it then you can view it or if you want to make a simple one by yourself you can make your own by making a single player match or create local match and then when you get in open your console and type demo.recorddemo (moviename) eg. demo.recorddemo pwningbots you cant have any spaces in the name for some reason, then quit once finished filming and go to C/program files/ea games/ battlefield 2/mods/bf2/demos and move the file called mepwningbots.bf2demo to my documents/battlefield 2/profiles/defult/demos it has to be the defult profile but you can login to any profile to see it so login to bf2 go to community and it should be there and when u load the level hold q and t for the play options