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#1 16 years ago

Hey all you coders and programmers, modelers and skinners, mappers and sound artists. We are looking for you. A new Mod is under development that has promise and a very dedicated staff to this project. If you are experianced PLEASE contact us to get your spot with us. The details of the Mod are guarded in that our research is dear to us and we do not want our ideas out in the open. We are looking for anyone in the field of experiance especially those who are great. Please send an email to [email=""][/email] with the heading "Mod Worker" that contains your location in the world, ingame handle, clan you may be with, EXPERIANCE, and what secion of the mod you would like to take part in. We will contact you promptly. There are also slots open for those who are intent on learning and becoming the best in the buisness at these traits.